Thursday, February 18, 2010

Favourites from NY fashion week

Although these definately don't compare to the one of a kind, stand out pieces from previous collections I've come to expect from Mr Wang, Alexander still managed to conquer wintery grunge meets goth chick like no other.

Surpsingly loved this! I've always liked Diesel but this collection had some really innovative ideas and edgy combinations that I haven't seen for a while from them - bringing back tye dye and denim.

Fur, Leopard print, Leather with a dreamy whimsical twist. I have fallen in love.

This show was definately one of the most theatrical and the clothing seemed to agree. Big fur jackets seem to be a strong trend at fashion week and I fell in love with this one on the right. Beautiful, bold statement peices from Anna.

Being a fan of anything dark and grungy usually, Rodarte caught my attention for the complete opposite. Every piece screamed feminity with an edge with some of the dresses almost like wonderland works of art that i'd be way too scared to let the world destroy. The show captured my dreamlike imagination with these soft, floral peices.

This collection seemed to have it all; sequins, leather, prints, tweed, oversized cardigans - and it actually worked! I especially loved the bold prints, she seemed to combine somewhat confronting prints with darker undertones which happened to be an amazing combination.

I'm a big Willow fan and this show didn't disappoint especially since a few stronger dark pieces were introduced this time around. The tailored tuxedo bodysuit was incredibly unique and loved the feather/fur Jackets.

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  1. My fav after not ao much research - need to do more was DIanne V B - I think she did amazing things with her theme of a woman in a mans body.

    It seems floral,sequins, leather and heavy tailoring have not left the station - however whether someone will wear it in the local is another thing.

    I will have to spend a day revising and then post my trends for spring summer.

    Great collection from you with great commentary. Love it!