Friday, August 21, 2009

we're young. we're angry and we're pissed off

After listening, reading and watching the lives of great musicians that lived passionately for the cause so many years before our generation I'm still left feeling.. for lack of better words.. extremely
pissed off.
What was the cause they dedicated so much of themselves to?

honestly... who gives a fuck? at least they had one. They're already one step ahead of us.

This is the great disappointment of our generation.
the music industry today is utter bullshit.
we have girls prancing around in as little as possible, singing about how they kissed other girls and occasionally the ever so rebellious musician who dictates an entire generation of girls to ride skateboards and go out dressed in ties?!
our most popular bands are only the reflection of their hot new ink and slutty chicks in their video clips that don't actually know how to play their instruments they just look hot holding a guitar.

nice, annoyingly catchy riffs and equ
ally simplistic but oh so pathetic lyrics written FOR them, to soothe the soul and achieve.. well, absolutely nothing except a generation of mindless people and the demise of the music industry along with our intelligence.

what the fuck happened to changing the
being a voice and having something to say.

getting passionate and talent being used in a way to influence.

It wasn't always like this. Once upon a time people actually had guts and brains, and thankfully awesome musical talent and ability to back their lyrics up.
They were not afraid of mainstream perceptions and influences.
They were true to themselves and their purposes and smashed through the labels and the generic.

Generations before us fought.
for freedom, for justice, for a voice, for change.
Through music they spoke against politicians and the injustices in the world.
They spoke of the realities of the human soul and stood up for their generation.

passion was felt and inspiration bloomed in every note they played and inspiring word they spoke.

I'm ashamed to turn on the radio in th
e 21st century.

and at the risk of sounding conceited - today's music industry is absolute bullshit.

take me back to refused any day because I'm honestly just too fucking smart to listen to the shit they shove down my throat today.

Refused, Nirvana, At the drive-in, Joy Division, Gallows, The Clash, Sex Pistols and more.
Thankyou <3

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