Thursday, August 13, 2009

have heart

This is my rant regarding a report I read today that opened my eyes and once again brought me to a place of contempt over mild abuses of respect, human rights and violence which is prevalent in every society.... that eventually leads to large scale abuses such as these.

"a survey conducted by the medical research council of South Africa found that 1 in 4 South African men has raped at least one woman in their lifetimes and that nearly half have raped more than one woman.

In an 8 month period in 2007 - 36,190 women were raped.
which averages 130 rapes per day in South Africa alone."

Violence against women in many African countries is a multi-generational thing.
Each new generation watches the men that went before them beat women and treat them as second class citizens. Many South African men do not believe rape is morally wrong because of what they've seen.
Apartheid broke homes and institutionalised violence which left men without role models or differentiation between right and wrong.
Note this is not all African men, but it's an issue that people need to be aware of.

It happens all over the world and it starts with minor acts of violence or disrespect that desensitize people to human suffering.
war and violence has far greater effects than most realise.
People's lack of respect for human life and rights astounds me.

Not just in Africa, but all over the world... I see it most days in my own country.

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