Thursday, October 15, 2009

time to rant

I'm noticing the not-so-subtle decline of our society by over hearing frequent conversations in which parents are uninterested in the fact that yes, they actually gave life to another human being. 
Typical chatter surrounding the photocopier in our modern age seems to be enless stories about how their children hate them and they're glad their spawn has either
a) moved out of home, or 
b) attempted to kill themselves.
and i'm being completely serious.

My extremely passionate stance on child rearing is, either be a fucking amazing parent whereby your child is your first priority for the rest of your life or - don't have children.
It's really simple.
and I'm continually saddened, shocked and quite pissed off at the ever increasing amount of incompetent and selfish parents walking the planet.
There are too many confused, hurt and depressed children in existance to ignore the issue of bad parenting that seems to be spreading like the plague.

No one forced you to have a child - most of you made the decision thinking it would add the cute factor to your perfect little family only to find out that believe it or not, children are hard work and actually require you taking a break from your narcissism and playing catch with your kid.

Get your shit together - or stop breeding.
I'm sick of seeing so many broken children who grow into broken adults and continue this retarded cycle.
Human life is not expendable - people are valuable and worthy of love and attention.

To all the wonderful parents out there: you're brilliant - thankyou for impacting and changing the world. So much love and respect.

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